Nylon Oxford 200D P/D
Nylon Taslan Crinkle W/R
Nylon Coated Twill W/R coated PU
Nylon Taslan PU coated W/R
Nylon Taslan 330D W/R coated PU
Nylon Dobby Breathable W/R PU
Nylon 210T W/R coated PU
Nylon Oxford 200D W/R coated PU
Nylon Oxford 400D W/R coated PU
Nylon Oxford 1000D W/R coated PU
Nylon Oxford 400D PVC backing
Polycotton Poplin W/R
Polycotton 2/1 Twill
100 % Cotton 10 Oz Canvas
Polyester Taslan W/R coated PU
Polyester Mini Mat Poplin Fabric
Polyester Oxford 600D W/R coated PU
Polyester 3 Ply Softshell Fabric
Polyester 2 Ply Softshell Fabric
Polyester Oxford 600D PVC backing
Polyester 300D W/R HighViz P/U
Polyester 300D W/R HighViz breathable PU
Polyester Microfiber Twill W/R
Melton Wool Fabric 24 Oz
Melton Wool Plaid Fabric
100 % Wool 38 Oz similar to Duffle
Polyester Medical Fabric with Carbon W/R (level3 pass)
Polyester Medical Fabric W/R (Level 2 pass)
Note: Bleeding and crocking of dark shades and reds may not meet our quality standards. Because of limitations of present technology, mixing of colors in garments will be at manufacturers own risk.