Acetate Taffeta Lining
Acetate Satin Lining
Acetate Twill Lining
Acetate Twill Dobby (Fancy Lining)
Acetate Sleeve Lining
Polyester Pongee Lining
Polyester Taffeta Lining
Polyester Twill Lining
Polyester Satin Lining
Polyester Fancy Dobby Lining
Polyester Interlock Lining
Polyester Spandex Taffeta
Polyester (Mechanical Stretch)
Polyester Mesh Lining
Bemberg Lining
Two Tone Twill Lining (Iridescent)
Viscose Rayon Twill
Nylon Lining
Nylon 210T Lining
Nylon 210T Lining with Cire Finish
Polycotton Pocketing
Polycotton Herringbone Pocketing
Polycotton 65/35 Kasha Satin Lining
Cotton Greige (Unbleached) Muslin
Cotton Flannel interlining
Note: Bleeding and crocking of dark shades and reds may not meet our quality standards. Because of limitations of present technology, mixing of colors in garments will be at manufacturers own risk.